Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The “$10K Challenge” heads up!

Hey I'm literally walking out the door in a sec,so I need to make this quick...First of all - about the '$10K Challenge' event:As of right now there are over 12,063 peoplethat registered to attend the special event I'mdoing this Thursday, September 5th...I know that some of these folks registered butwill never do anything or

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9,236 Already Registered For This Free Training!… You Coming?

A few days ago, I invited you to a special'$10K Challenge' Vick and I are launching this Thursday...If you've already registered, great.If you missed that email, I want to make sure thatyou saw this.... It's an invite-only kind of thing and as my subscriberand follower, you're invited to this special

There’s More To Recycling Than Paper… Electronics Recycling!

Given the number of devices we have in our homes and on our persons these days, electronics recycling is more important than ever! Recycling Christmas cards is a start, but there is much more we can do! Recycling is important as it reduces the strain on our natural resources, helps reduce pollution and reduces what goes into landfills. Electronics recycling helps [ ]